Personakt Antavla

Okänt barn

Blev högst en dag.

Far:Carl Emil "Charles Edwin" Djuren (1845 - 1911)
Mor:Selma Lovisa Johansdotter Sundell (1865 - 1957)

Född:1900-02-15 USA Omaha,Douglas Nebraska 1)
Död:1900-02-15 USA Omaha,Douglas Nebraska 1)Dödfött barn.
There is little known about this child. The small grave
was found next to the plot for Charles and his first wife
Ovedia, in the Springwell Cemetary.
Charles and Ovedia were moved, later to the West Lawn
Cemetary, in 1921, presumably by the children of his first
marriage, and buried with a grandson, Harry and their son
in law, Leonard Brown.


1)Susan Denny